How to Unlock A Car without Keys, Without Braking a Side Window (Pro Tips)

by | Sep 4, 2022 | Windshield

Never take your vehicle key for granted. Without keys, you can never unlock your car easily. If your key is lost or you have locked your car with the keys inside the vehicle, you’ll have to use the hack to pop the door lock. Let’s get into the hacks and tricks for unlocking your car without causing any damage without further ado. 

Shoelace – A Smart Option

Trapped in a situation with the keys locked inside your car? Not a big deal. Carrying a shoe with a shoelace can resolve your issue. If you have an old car, it will be easier for you to get into the locked vehicle. Make sure the shoelace is thin enough to be fixed between your car door and car frame. Being fancy, it won’t cause any damage to your car.

First, remove the shoelaces from both of your shoes. When removed, tie them together and create a knot. Using your hands, put the lace at the top right corner of the car door and start slow back and forth motion until you see the shoelace inside the car from the window. Once the knot is placed over the lock, use the other side of the lace to tie it up tightly. By doing this, you can pull the lock up and get into the car. 

This hack might take a few attempts. Also, never try to use this hack if you are not the car’s owner. Obviously, it’s illegal, and you can get a complaint issued in your name. Otherwise, this hack is worth trying.

You Can Try a Coat Hanger Method

If your car keys are left inside, give this hack a try. In the first step, extend the coat hanger wire to make it straight and quickly reach the button to unlock the car. Stretch it entirely so that it becomes straight except for the curved end. After doing this, you need to see if the coat hanger is in a linear order with a curved end. Gloves can help you follow these steps easily.

Using the pliers, slightly bend the hanger’s hook to have a firm grip on the car door lock. You can go for the ‘V’ shape because it can easily do the job. Some cars have a slight elevation in the lock posts, which helps you unlock the vehicle quickly. If the lock is not elevated enough, try to bend the coat hanger in different shapes until you get to the lock post. 

Make a Spare Key for a Car

Keys left inside the car can be troublesome for you. You shouldn’t feel tense. Having spare car keys can get the job done. To resolve this issue, use your spare car keys to unlock your car. You may find these keys identical to your original car keys. Always try to keep spare key with you in case of an emergency.

You can easily get spare car keys from the company where you purchased your car. As you know, companies are introducing cars with remote controls. In this case, an extra remote control can solve this issue. 

Use a Tennis Ball 

Whenever you find your keys locked inside, a tennis ball can help you anytime. Simply take a tennis ball and puncture it. You can also make a hole by burning the tennis ball from one end. You don’t need to go for much more than merely drilling a hole. 

Once the hole is made, take the tennis ball near the locked door. Now, try to place the punctured or burnt hole over the door lock and press it with full force. The pressure inside the ball automatically shifts to the keyhole and forces the door to unlock. This ordinary physics phenomenon can help you break into your car safely and efficiently. You shouldn’t worry because no rocket science is involved here.

Use Inflatable Pump Wedge

Using an air-inflatable pump wedge can be a helpful hack to get into a locked car. Place the air wedge between the car doors in favorable weather to apply enough pressure. Now, use a manual hand pump to fill the bag with air to get inside the car. To pop a door lock, make a wide opening for inserting the tools to get easy reach of the unlock button.

Once you reach the unlock button with the help of a rod, you can successfully open the door lock. You must be careful and steady while using the rod to avoid damage.

Download the App – KeyConnect 

In case you have a modern vehicle with a keyless system, having the KeyConnect app on your phone is helpful, especially when stuck outside your locked car. Your phone transforms into a remote control, where you can operate your vehicle from a distance. You just have to tap on the screen to lock and unlock your car.

Remember that while purchasing a vehicle, install this app as soon as possible so that it may get you out of trouble in the future.


Will A Small Pencil Help?

The answer is “No.” A small wooden pencil won’t be enough to pick a locking mechanism and break into your car. Instead, you should try some powerful metal to get the job done. However, you can use a pencil lead to make the lock slippery. Later, you can use another tool to unlock your car door.

Is Magnet Worth The Try?

Using a magnet can’t save you in a situation like finding your car doors locked with the keys sitting inside the car. A magnet works with friction and is not enough to help you break into your vehicle. Many factors should be considered while taking the help of a magnet. The material of your door is one of them.

Should I Use A Bobby Pin To Unlock My Car?

Due to various thoughts in mind, sometimes you get stuck with the keys left inside the car. You shouldn’t bother because you saw in a movie, that a bobby pin can fix your problem. Don’t try to do that unless you’re really know what you are doing. Bobby pin can easily break and stuck inside the lock, making a problem much worse.

Will Calling The Police Help Me To Unlock My Car In An Emergency Situation?

Is your child stuck inside the car with the locked keys inside? Immediately, want to break into your vehicle? You should call roadside assistance service or the police in such an emergency. Make sure that the police know your exact location so they can approach you in time. Also, remember that the police might be charging you for their services.


All of the methods mentioned above have been used by people to unlock their car when they’ve lost their keys or locked them inside. Of course, you could also try calling a locksmith if you’re really in a bind, but hopefully one of these tips will work for you and save you some money. Did any of these tricks help you out? Let me know in the comments below!

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