How Much Does Windshield Replacement Cost in Canada? How to Get the Best Price?

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Windshield replacement in Canada is an agenda that is often discussed but not quite profoundly. In essence, many people do not dive into the nitty-gritty aspects of it. One of these fundamentals is the cost of fixing your precious car’s glass

There are many reasons for this, but the key one is the fact that numerous Canadian motorists are clueless about windshield prices, service charges, and so forth. Now, that is why we are here. In this post, we will tackle a number of your queries and share everything you need to know about the topic. 

The Average Cost to Replace a Windshield in Canada

Auto glass technician installing new windshield on a car. He holds windshield through the suction cups.

Like in any other field, when people are a bit lost, a number of queries are bound to be raised. Here, one of the most popular ones is; how much does it cost to replace a windshield in Canada? Truthfully, this is quite a difficult question as the prices tend to vary depending on several factors. Do not worry; we are going to discuss them later on.

Infographics that shows average price of windshield replacement in Canada in 2022

All in all, to give you a rough idea, installing a new windshield would cost you around $360 in 2022. 

It is important to note that this figure does not factor in any front glass extras. By extras, we are talking about things like acoustic windshields and privacy features. Now, if you are looking to replace such, the charges would be higher. This, too, will be discussed in depth in later sections.

Does the Cost of a Windshield Replacement Differ Depending on the Region?

Infographics about average windshield replacement cost in different provinces in Canada

The answer is yes; firms in different regions offer different prices for more or less the same thing.

Take Saskatchewan, for example; it would cost you around 321$ to reinstate your windshield. 

Now, these prices do not fly in British Colombia. With a higher cost of living experienced in the region, one would have to pay at least 343$ to have their windshield replaced. These differences do not stop here. In the Alberta region, you will get these products and services at a cheaper rate, around 300$.

This is probably because windshield replacement is a more popular service there. With an increased clientele come more businesses ready to satisfy the demand. Now since these firms are competing, they try to get an edge against each other.

One of the most effective ways of doing so is by reducing their prices, which is great for the clients.

Factors that Affect Windshield Replacement Costs

Infographics about factors, that affect cost of windshield replacement in Canada

Here are some of the factors that affect the amount you pay to get your windshield replaced; 

The Region

As earlier stated, there is a disparity of replacement charges from one region to another. This is often caused by two essential things, namely;

  • Shipping costs – few countries in the world manufacture windshields. This then means that they have to be imported. Of course, shipping costs to each of these regions are not identical. These differences are factored in when coming up with the final price.
  • Glass availability – in a market, it is improbable that every place will have the same supply of a good. You can see this in the Canadian regions, where glass availability is often different. It is this disparity that usually has a significant impact on the prices presented to you.

The Amount of Damage Done

The extent of the damage could either save you some money or make you dig a little deeper into your pocket. Essentially, if your windshield has a bit of a chip or a small crack, it would be better to repair than replace it. In most cases, this would set you back a few coins.

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. If the glass damage is enormous, you will definitely have to replace it entirely. This will cost you a lot more, but it is the right thing to do.

When conflicted on the two choices, consult a car glass specialist before making a decision. They will advise you on the best course of action. 

The Specific Features of Your Windshield

Not all car windshields are similar. Each is designed and fitted uniquely to best fit and serve the vehicle. That is why you will find that you enjoy additional items that may not be present in other people’s cars. Examples of such things include: tinting strips, rain and light sensors. 

To have them fitted with your new windshield, you will have to pay a lot more than someone who does not have them.

Types of Windshields: OEM/Aftermarket

Storage full of car's windshield, auto glass manufacturer

Another critical factor is the type of windshield you choose. Typically, you can go for aftermarket or OEM glass. 

What are these, you ask? Well, let us break it down for you.

OEM stands for Original Equipped Manufacturer. This type of windshield is produced by the company that created your car and resembles it the most. In essence, it is made according to the specifications and design of the original product. These are the most recommended replacement glass types. The reason is that they are of better quality, more durable, and clearer than the aftermarket ones.

On the flip side, we have aftermarket windshields. These are, basically, copies of the original and are of lower quality. For these reasons, they cost less than OEM products. Even with that being said, these are not bad products, and as a regular driver, you’ll most likely barely see any difference.

The Vehicle’s Model and Make

The model and make of your vehicle play a huge, if not the biggest, role in determining the amount you pay for a new windshield. 

For explanation purposes, let us take the example of luxury and non-luxury vehicles. For luxury vehicles like Genesis, only their authorized dealers offer glasses. Furthermore, these cars often have additional features. Put together; these things usually make the charges increase. 

For non-luxury vehicles, very few things here apply, which is why replacing their glasses is cheaper.

You can see the same trend when it comes to cars with large windshields or intricate curved patterns. In such a case, experts may need specialized tools and materials to complete the job. This then causes you to part with a higher figure than a client whose car does not need this equipment. 

ADAS Calibration

If you examine the front part of most modern vehicles, you will find that they have distance sensors. Using electromagnetic waves, these sensors can detect objects in the car’s path. Additionally, they can calculate the distance between you and the object.

A requirement once you replace your windshield is having these sensors calibrated. Doing so ensures that they produce accurate readings. With this, you have a better chance of avoiding accidents. Now, this is where the money part comes in because for you to calibrate these sensors, you will be charged a bit more. All in all, it is definitely worth it, as it helps keep you and those around you safe when driving.

Tips for Reducing the Cost of a Windshield Replacement

Infographics about tips that will help you to reduce cost of windshield replacement

Consult your Insurer

If we are being honest, windshields are not cheap. The same is true for the additional costs associated with replacing them. That is why it is vital that you try and reach out to your insurer and make a claim. This is so, especially for people who have taken up comprehensive covers, as the packages usually include such services.

Now, when it comes to insurance, there are two sides to the coin. The good side/part is that making claims does not affect your insurance rates or driving record. The bad news is that this applies to a certain extent. In essence, insurance providers limit the number of claims one can make over a certain period. In most cases, you will find that you can only make three claims over three years. Any more would make the aforementioned items not stand. 

Talk to your insurance company and get to know the fine details of your plan.

Do not Replace if There is No Need

Reinstating your windshield can be done in 2 key ways. One of them is, of course, replacing it entirely with a new one. This is often the most automatic means that comes to people’s minds once damages occur. But what if I told you it does not always have to be the choice and that there is another option? The option we are talking about is windshield repair. 

Just as the name suggests, this involves fixing the condition of a damaged windshield, making it appear as if nothing happened. In most situations, glass specialists tend to use the windshield resin. Here resin is injected into the stone chip or crack and cured with UV light. The UV rays then causes the resin to harden. Doing so helps in strengthening the damaged section. It also prevents the chip/crack from spreading.

Be advised that this is only done when the crack or damage is relatively small. That is why experts recommend getting your repairs as soon as you notice them, as any delays would enlarge the gap. 

We have entire article about how to decide if you should repair or replace your car’s windshield.

Get Multiple Quotes

Persons hands is counting Canadian dollars, cost saving representation

I know how frustrating it can be to have a cracked, chipped, or broken windshield. You almost want to get it restored and over with immediately. Now hastily jumping onto any offer is not recommended as it may cost you a lot of your hard-earned money. The best thing to do is look around, collect quotes and carefully analyze them. It is after this that you can make your decision,

Before you ask, you do not need to move from place to place to get these quotes. A simple “Windshield Replacement Canada” search will bring up several firms. You can even alter the search and include your specific area. 

After that, click on a number of sites and request a quote sent to you. To do this, you will need to submit a simple form. The form will contain your name, contact information, and details about your car, such as the make, model, and year. Of course, we cannot forget the most important part, the details of the damage to your glass. The firms will look at this information and send a quote back to you within the shortest time possible. This would most probably be via email. 

Coupons and Deals

Another great way to reduce costs is by taking advantage of coupons and deals. 

Before making purchases, ensure you enquire about any offers the auto shop may have. Most of the time, you will find they have open deals for everyone, and you could use them to save cash. 

Other times, you may find that the shop only offers these deals to particular groups. An example is people willing to post their services on their social media pages. By sharing the firm’s services and getting them a bit of traction, one may be eligible for a discount. 

If this is something you are comfortable doing, knock yourself out!

Choose the Right Shop

In a day and age where people are trying to make a living by any means. It is easy to get swindled by unscrupulous dealers/service providers. This is often seen where many overprice their glass and service costs. That is why you need to choose the right shop for your needs, and what better team to get than Car Glass Canada? Endowed top-class experts, we will get you the best windshields and excellent services. Of course, all of this will be done at an affordable price.


Rain drops on the car's windshield, heavy rain and grey weather outside. View from car's cabin.

Having any form of windshield damage is set to worry any car owner. This is majorly because of the huge financial implications that come with restoring it. That does not have to be the case. With the information availed above, you should be able to traverse all of this at the lowest cost. 

Of course, you only need professionals to handle such issues, which is why we are here. Call or email us, and we will get everything done for you without hurting your pockets!

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