A 6-step Guide How to Remove Deep Windshield Wiper Scratches

by | Sep 18, 2022 | Windshield

A scratched windshield is not something that you should ignore because it can cause some problems. Water might gather in the scratch marks, and sunlight will reflect off them, making driving difficult for you. So if you ever had the question: how to remove windshield wiper scratches if they’re too deep, we have the answer.

Most windshield wiper scratches are minor and can be easily removed. Glass polish (acrylic scratch remover) and buffing pads with rubbing compound can be effective in the case of minor scratches. This blog post will focus on deeper scratches that are impossible to remove with polishing.

Why Deep Scratches on a Windshield Are Dangerous

Person is driving a car with scratched and dirty windshield. Glass is blurred and visibility is bad.

Having windshield scratches on your car is a nuisance. It is not only annoying but can be dangerous as well. A deep windshield scratch can obstruct the driver’s visibility and jeopardize the safety of the passengers. Most windshield scratches are fixable once you have identified the cause and how deep the scratches are.

The best way to remove windshield scratches is to use a repair kit with a crack resin. The same kit is usually used for stoping windshield crack from spreading. Here is an easy and simple 6-step guide that will help you eradicate wiper scratches:  

Step 1: The Deepness of the Scratches

Person checking deepness of the windshield scratch with the nail.

The new windshield wipers rarely cause any scratches. You may see scratches due to old wipers. Before removing scratches from the screen, you must know how deep the windshield scratches are. The efficient way to do that is to use your fingernail to check the depth of the scratch. 

Move your fingernail along the windshield scratch marks.

The surface will be smooth and not edgy if the scratches are minor. However, if your fingernails are getting caught, then it means that the scratch is deep and groovy. You should wear a pair of protective gloves while checking the windshield scratches. The gloves will protect your fingertips from being cut by the glass. 

If the scratch is minimal, you can remove them by polishing the glass. However, if the windshield scratch marks are too deep, you should address the situation as quickly as possible. Over time, the deep scratches can cause your windshield to weaken.

Step 2: The Glass Repair Kit

A glass repair kit is the most professional solution to remove windshield scratch marks. Rather than using household tips and tricks for removing scratches, it is better to go for a more permanent solution. You can buy the glass or windshield repair kit in two ways which are:

There are many glass repair kit options from which you can choose the most suitable one for yourself. However, ensure that the one you buy has a crack resin and curing tape.

Step 3: Clean the Car Windshield

Person is cleaning the windshield with red microfiber cloth. Close up photo.

Before you use the glass repair kit, you should clean your car windshield first. Start the work in a shaded space with a moderate temperature. Do not stay in the open sunlight until the repair is done.

Use soap and water mixture to clean the car thoroughly. It will help remove any debris or dirt off the windshield giving you a much smoother area to remove the scratches.

Then take a clean microfiber cloth to dry the windshield properly. Do not apply any compound unless the screen is completely dried. Otherwise, the compound will not work on the sloppy, wet surface.

Step 4: Applying the resin

Man is applying windshield crack resin on the deep scratch.

Take a start from one end of the windshield scratch mark, and dispense the crack resin directly onto the scratch. Now, from a 45-degree angle, closely look at the scratches. You will see a dark area wholly covered with the resin.  

However, applying light pressure from the inside of the windshield is advisable if you see any air pockets in the scratches. You should only apply pressure on the sides and center of the windshield scratch.  

The crack resin will stop the scratch from getting any deeper and prevent water and debris from getting inside. Lastly, apply curing strips to the entire area where the resin is used.

Step 5: Move Your Car

Once you have applied the crack resin and the curing strips, move your car into the sunlight to dry the glass. If there is not enough sunlight or the weather is cloudy. You can also use the following to cure and dry the resin:

  • Ultraviolet light  
  • Ultraviolet radiations  

The resin will merely take 15 to 20 minutes to dry out. There is no need to leave the car in the sunlight for too long.

Step 6: Remove the Hardened Strips

You can now remove all the strips when the resin has been absolutely dried. However, if the strips are wet, you want to let them sit for a more extended period. 

When you’re sure the crack resin is completely dried, use the razor blade. You will set a 90-degree angle and scrape the hardened resin away.  

You do not have to apply any pressure whatsoever at this point. The blade has enough power to cut the hardened resin without any pressure. There is no need to worry if you see any white flakes, as it is normal to get white flakes when scraping.  

Lastly, clean the area with a soft cloth to remove any extra material. It is the last step in removing scratches from the windshield. You can also polish the entire windshield after to make the surface more even.


Windshield scratch marks can be pretty annoying. But at the same time, it can also be dangerous for you. If your car windshield is scratched, there are possibilities that it will hinder your vision. The invisibility can get you into an accident, making the situation worse for you. 

So, it is essential to get rid of scratches before they get worse. You do not need a bunch of random household methods to remove the scratches. All you need is a glass repair kit with some crack resin. Follow these step-by-step guidelines to remove wiper scratches. You will achieve a clear-looking scratch free windshield with minimum labor in just a couple of hours.

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